Friday, September 17, 2010

A Broken Heart

Do I really want to ask Him
To break my heart for what breaks His
Would my world ever be the same again
Would I ever see through my tears

He weeps over our sin
And our sin is everywhere
He hurts when we hurt
It would be more than I could bear

Would I ever pass by a neighbor
Without asking about his day
Without caring about her heart
Instead of hurrying on my way

Would I ever pass the homeless man
Begging on the street
Without looking him straight in the eyes
And allowing our souls to meet

Would I ever allow an orphaned child
To go hungry or without a home
Without doing everything I could possibly do
To let him know he is not alone

Would I ever again look into my own heart
Without feeling the weight of my sin
Without recognizing the sacrifice He made
And that He would do it all over again

Lord, I want to pray for you to break my heart
Over the same things that break yours
But teach me how to be strong, oh God
When You give me your eyes for the poor          

And when you show me the truth of a person’s life
And it breaks my heart more than I can bear
Let me love them in the same way you would do
Show them You in the way that I care

So, yes God, I DO pray
Break my heart for what breaks Yours
And let my brokenness bring glory to You
My healer, my protector, my Lord

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