Sunday, September 12, 2010

We battle not against flesh and blood...

Like a gentle breeze it swirls around me
This breath from another realm
It moves through me and suddenly I sense it
It's the lie that overwhelms

It tells me I'm not good enough
It tells me they don't care
These people that surround me
Would be fine if I weren't here

The Truth tries to find its way in
It battles for first place
But I give in to the lie that I believe to be truth
And let my mind accept its embrace

I listen to it as it whispers
What good are you to them?
They don't need you; they don't want you.
And the heaviness sets in

But then...

NO, I say, Evil One back away!
You are not welcome here.
My mind does not belong to you
I will fight you without fear

I am loved beyond all measure
Thoughts of me bring joy to His face
You will not convince me otherwise
You are a liar, a deceiver, a disgrace.

You had your chance to be loved by Him
You gave it all away
Your pride and arrogance was your downfall
Your need to be in first place

But God holds me in His mighty, gentle hands
He gives me a purpose and a hope
His glory and strength will reign in me
His peace in my spirit overflow

He has placed in my path people of faith
Who love me for exactly who I am
You will not take them away from me
With your lies and your evil plans

So praise God from whom all blessings flow
For His Spirit, His Peace, His Truth
That the father of lies has no power here
In the heart of one saved by You


  1. Loved this one, Kim. And I am one of those friends who loves you...Thanks for sharing your heart and your journey.

  2. Kim, I've tested out the idea in these lines, "The people who surround me would be fine if I weren't there." We're certainly less fine here in Abu Dhabi since you've gone. Your bright smile and genuine love for the students at ACS, for your family and your friends...I miss all of those! Transitions are challenging, aren't they? It is very helpful to be standing on the edge, watching your work through yours...I think it will help me when I go through my next transition, where/when ever that happens to be.

  3. I love this Kim! You are such a very talented writer! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I have the same struggles constantly so it's nice to know I'm not alone :)