Thursday, August 19, 2010

You asked for it...

As some of you know, I have applied to Regis University's Masters in Counseling program.  I'm hoping to begin there this fall.  This morning, I went to the final stage of the application process...a "group interview"...SCARY!!!

The thought of a group interview was nerve wracking!  I wanted to "be myself", yet make sure I said all the right things.  As the interview day was approaching, my thoughts were more and more on myself...what will I say...will they like should I act...what should I wear...should I be outgoing and funny, or quiet and mature...on and on...

So this morning, as I was driving through rush hour traffic on I-25 trying to get to the interview on time, I began to pray.  I asked the Lord to calm my worries and fears.  I asked him that whether I get into to program or not, to please allow me to glorify Him in some way during the interviews today.  "Make this time about you Lord, not about me."  I figured if I don't get into the program, at least today was not wasted if I've honored Him in it. 

I arrived at Regis a little bit early...whew!
We started with a large group meeting where the faculty was introduced and we were given an overview of the program.  Then the dreaded moment arrived...we split into small groups (5 in our group) for the "interview".  (insert scary music here...)  We were told by the faculty member overseeing our group that we would be asked 3 questions, one at a time, and the group would simply discuss while the faculty member observed (and took notes...more scary music here).  Okay...take a deep breathe...(I'm still praying.."let me glorify you Lord, let me glorify you...this is not about me, this is about you"). 

First question..."In private practice all counselors serve someone or something.  As a counselor, what or who will you serve?"

Are you kidding me?  I have to smile as I think about it!  God said, "You asked for's your chance." 

I don't know if my answer will help or hurt me in the application process.  I do know, though, that I had the opportunity to proclaim that I serve Christ.  All in all, no matter what happens, that makes today a good day.

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  1. curious as to what the others said! they really put it out there to you all with the question. sounds like just the opportunity you'd asked for. very cool! xox cousin k.