Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to fight...

My son was on the school bus one day this week and heard another kid call him a terrorist. Really? Why?  Because we lived in the Middle East for 18 months?  My first instinct was anger and fear…
  • Anger that my son was called a name
  • Anger that anyone could be so ignorant as to label someone as a terrorist simply because they spent time in the Middle East
  • Fear that my son might be hurt or bullied because of a decision we made to live overseas.
Some friends suggested trying homeschooling or (at least) getting him off that bus and driving him to school. I know these comments come from a spirit of love and protection (mixed with a little fear).

And the truth is that the boy on the bus was also speaking from a spirit of fear (where all bullying comes from, really)…but, we don’t fight fear with more fear.

We fight fear with Faith…
  • Faith in a God who is bigger.
  • Faith in a God who loves.
  • Faith in a God who hurts over our sin, not for his own sake, but for ours.
  • Faith in a God who wants nothing more than to pour his grace on us (and on that kid from the bus) so much so that it can’t help but overflow onto others.
  • Faith in a God who has a plan that is so much bigger than any of us, and could do it all himself, yet allows us to be a part of it.

  • Faith in a God that will use my son, and me, and you in the lives of people who are filled with fear…to show them faith.



  1. good post. :) and how beautiful that he knows already what it is like to identify with the marginalized.

  2. Excellent post. Americans tend to be very ethnocentric and lack the ability to understand other cultures.