Monday, April 11, 2011

A Poem...or Really Odd Prose.

It's late...I'm tired...I'm trying to be disciplined (yes, Ken inspired me) to get up early for a workout and quiet time.  But as I was getting ready for bed (brushing my teeth to be exact) this poem came over me...I don't know where it came from (hopefully from God), or why it came at such an odd time...but it did.  And it doesn't even rhyme (which makes my husband doubt if it is 'legitimate').  So whether it's really a poem, or just really odd it is...I hope it touches your heart...I think God means it for at least one of you...and for me.

Life with you is a dichotomy
Beyond what our logic can resolve
We try to put you in a box
Make you who we want you to be
Make you into something…someone
Who we can understand

Living in the gray is too difficult for us
We want black…we want white
We want wrong…we want right
We want to control
And others…
And you

We can’t live in the in-between
For too long
We need to get somewhere…
Do something…
Get the answer we’ve been looking for
But then the question changes

We must die
In order to live
We must be last
In order to be first
We must give
In order to receive
We must be humble
In order to be raised up

We must sacrifice
In order to gain
We must be weak
In order to be strong
We must be poor
In order to be rich
We must be less
In order to be more

We get lost in the confusion
We try to figure it all out
While you whisper…
Child, follow Me

But, how, Oh Lord…exactly
How do we follow you?
We want a plan…a to-do list
A sure-fire system
That will work…
Whatever that really means

Again you whisper…
Just a whisper…
See what I did?
Do it…
See who I loved?
Love them…
Hear what I said?
Speak it…
See where I went?
Go there…

And rest, sweet child
In my freedom
In my peace
In my joy

You will not always know
But that is not the point
That is not faith
I have not called you to understand
I have called you to trust

Now trust me…


  1. Wow, Kim. I'm in awe. This is beautiful and so profoundly said. I'm really glad you didn't go to bed. I wish I were a musician. I would turn this into a song.

  2. Thanks for posting this Kim. I love your thoughts and message here. Steve

  3. Beautiful Kim! Love it! I'm with Gail... someone should turn that into a song... know anyone in Nashville? =)

  4. Wonderful writing Kim! I tried to DM you, but you aren't following me yet!: ) Yes we should be friends!!! I grew up in CO, have had lunch with your amazing uncle who helped me with writing and we both love recreators! Thank you for checking out my bio and for messaging me. My family is still in Golden, so maybe we will meet in Denver one day!

  5. Wow...first your post on "Why I don't Write" drew me in...then this. You absolutely spoke to where I am. I'm two seconds away from asking permission to reblog this. Thank you so much.

  6. homeschooldaddy, you are welcome to reblog anytime...I would be honored!