Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Conversation With God About Adventure

I'm a girl who likes adventure.  If I could, I would sell everything I own and just go...follow God wherever He takes me.  So, I was having another conversation with God tonight (a bit one-sided at first) asking, "Okay God, where, when, how?  I'm bored...ready to, could you pick a place and get us moving??  Oh, and could you get my family on board with the plan as well, please?"

At some point, when I took a mental breath, God started's a bit of our conversation.

God what do you want from me?
Tell me now, let me know, make it clear
Show me the adventure waiting in your plan for me
I’m ready Lord, let me hear

I am willing to do great things for You
Travel far distances, sell everything I own
To make a difference in Your name in this world you created
To be sure that Your glory is shown

“I know you are willing, my daughter,” You say.
“To go far and wide in my name”
“But are you as willing, my sweet child”
“To serve where I have put you today?”

“It may not be Africa, India or the Middle East”
“Filled with warfare, injustice, and disease”
“But the place where you live is as precious to me”
“As any place you will ever be.”

“There may not be many exciting adventures”
“In your white-picket-fence suburban days”
“But if adventure is what you are seeking, instead of really seeking Me”
“Then your service will be in vain anyway.”

“If you are really willing to do anything for Me”
“Go anywhere, make any sacrifice.”
“Then choose each day to glorify My name”
“Through your love, allow others to see Christ”

“With your children, with your neighbors, with your friends”
“In your home, at your work, in your church”
“There is work to be done right where you are”
“You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth”

“One day I may send you again”
“To the places that your heart longs to see”
“But for now, my sweet child, be at peace and know”
“That you are right where I want you to be”


  1. Kim it's like you are looking into my heart with what you are writing. Wish we could do coffee and talk. Really like your style and honesty.

  2. Thanks Kimberly! I guess we can't chat in person, but lets keep in touch online! Thanks for reading my blog and means more to me than you know!

  3. Wow! What beautiful insight! I belong to a very active church. Pastors and missionaries always on the go. If you even have a mental image of things like that, just being you can seem pretty inconsequential. But it never is. If we look at Jesus' ministry, He mostly ministered to one person at a time and on a very personal level. So, even though I counsel people, it might just be that one letter to a prisoner or that 30 minute time of fellowship over coffee that has more eternal impact than anything else today. I've lost count of the number of times someone has told me my smile was just what they needed or something I said changed their life...and I can't recall anything that was said in the conversation. Because it wasn't important to me, but it was important to God.

  4. Bill...thank you for your encouragement and wise words! And thank you so much for reading my blog!