Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I Don't Write...

I haven’t written in a while. Why? I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to that question, and I think I now know.

I want you to like me…I want you to be moved by my writing…I want to make you think…I want to touch your soul. I definitely don’t want to disappoint you.

So if I don’t have anything that seems significantly touching, I don’t write. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that I don’t think it’s deep enough, or profound enough, or important enough.

Well, I’ve decided to be done with that way of thinking. I’ve decided to write whether it seems especially touching or not. I’ve decided to write for myself, and pray that it also touches you. I’ve decided to stop evaluating my writing on whether it’s “good enough,” and instead, just let it be what it is. I’ve decided to stop over-thinking it.

It’s good for me, and hopefully, at least sometimes, it will be good for you.

Do you find yourself holding back from something that you love to do, simply because you’re afraid it won’t be “good enough” for others?


  1. Good for you, Kim. I figured out after a while that I have to write for ME. I just happen to let others listen in. ;-)

    Have you read Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art? If not, I highly recommend it.

  2. Kim, I totally relate to you. I love to write. Of course, my writing sometimes stirs debate -- which I'm fine with . . . but I've learned that co-workers and such aren't always so comfortable with it. I'm such a perfectionist too, which makes each post a labor of love for sure -- finding the right words, the right flow, the right image. I'm the king of OVERTHINK.

  3. Kim -

    Thank you for writing this. I began blogging about 2 months ago. I held off blogging for the very same reasons - fear of what others would think. Even now, I have shared my blog with just a few. But I am finding that I am writing for me. It has become a great outlet for me. I am finding that it gives me expression about my journey with God. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you Michael Hyatt for the RT. I would never have read this otherwise. I do think there are more of us that feel the same way than we realize. May we find freedom to be who God has made us & freedom to express what He is doing in & through our lives!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Kim. I find the pull to be profound can be strong. But if I'm being myself, well, I'm definitely NOT always profound. I do it because I love the process and where it leads me, but it's a challenge to not be affected by my perception of what others may be thinking.

  5. Wow, found your post via Gail Hyatt, and so glad I did! I stopped blogging for MONTHS because of this, but no more. I'm back in the saddle again, and you are too! God bless you - I love your place here!

  6. Good for you! The question I always wonder is can something every truly be "good enough"? Who has the authority to say something is good enough?

    <>< Katie

  7. I've been missing you, Kim! Reading your blog is almost like making a personal connection with you, whether it's oh-so-profound or not. So glad you're back. And now that you've put it out there, I admit I've done the same thing and now I'm inspired to get back to my blogging. Thank you!

  8. I just connected with Gail Hyatt, the "2b" in her tweet caught my eye. So I read some more then clicked the link and was blessed by your thought for the day. I needed this blessing for my blog. I'm not a writer so putting my words down is tough. Kim you have freed me today. I think in pictures so I will post a picture that encourages my soul.

  9. Thank you for posting this and sharing. I started following you when you started your posts about "Little". I have not written on my blog for a couple of weeks because I didn't feel like I had anything worth saying. I was even asking God if I was wrong about his prompting. Then today he has placed many things in my view setting me straight.
    yours was one of them. Keep doing what your doing you are wonderful.

  10. Thanks for that post, Kim. Good thoughts. I write a blog that's mostly Biblically oriented. And even having a solid subject like the Word, there are times when I wonder if I have something interesting to say, something that's not a rehash of things already said 5,000 times. Your post reminded me that the one thing writers do is write. And success is keeping writing, no matter what. Hopefully others will enjoy and benefit from what we write. And, in the meantime, we'll have fun.

  11. Its definitely time to swith to WordPress, because I really want to respond to each of you individually! Thanks for reading my post, and caring enough to take the time to comment! I appreciate it more than you know!

  12. See, even in a post like this you're touching people! I'm definitely like you in this regard. My last post has been nearly a month ago, and it's not that things haven't crossed my mind to write about, but that inner critic usually wins out. It's funny; one of my reasons for blogging was to create space to become more regular in my writing, and I'm still critiquing myself so much that I don't write.

    I appreciate your blog, no matter how often you write! Your honesty is encouraging and liberating.


  13. thanks for the post...
    I love and hate the challenge of posting consistently to my blog, but the rewards of getting my thoughts on paper outweigh the frustrations.
    Here are the reasons I came up with to blog:
    * It is a creative outlet.
    * It challenges me to look for topics to write about.
    * It encourages me to read on a variety of topics.
    * It helps me organize my thoughts.
    * It hopefully helps the people I lead know me better.
    * I am enjoying the challenge.

  14. Found your blog through my friend Michael H. Smith. And yes! I've had this thought for the past couple of days as well! I don't want to be afraid anymore of doing what I love to do! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  15. Thanks for sharing. I just started blogging. I enjoy it and also have found it challenging at times to write. Basically I just started focusing on being me and writing about things that inspire me and hopefully it inspires others as well.

  16. Good for you, Kim! If you don't write because you love it, it's not sustainable.

  17. Great post, Kim!
    I often find myself playing Zuma Blitz instead of writing what I really feel, which is mostly a bunch of whiny crappola (crappolla? crapolla?). "Had surgery, can't catch up with life now." "Mom had surgery following my surgery. Still not caught up with life yet." "Visited Mom today. Picked up 3 extra boys on way home for 3 night sleepover. Have gone over edge." Hmmm ... maybe I've got a post in this somewhere.

  18. Ha Jane! You're too funny! Have you read Jeff Goins' "The Writer's Manifesto"? It might help you decide to write whatever is on your heart and mind..even if it just seems to be "a bunch of whiny crapploa (crappolla? crapolla?)! :-) You should write because it is good for you (if it is)...not for what other people think of it. Much easier said than done...I know that FULL well! But, it's a goal worth reaching for!!
    Here is a link to Jeff's manifesto..